Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Aspen Seminar on Leadership, Values, and Good Society

Robb LaKritz is an accomplished private equity investor and the chairman of LaKritz Holdings, a globally diversified private investment firm. Also recognized as a civic leader and steward for community preservation, Robb LaKritz is involved in organizations such as the TED World Economic Forum and the Aspen Institute.

A Washington, DC-based organization that is focused on education and policy studies, the Aspen Institute strives to provide a means to deal with important issues in a nonpartisan context. The organization works toward this goal through a global fellowship program, policy programs, and events such as conferences and seminars.

The Aspen Seminar on Leadership, Values, and Good Society is one such event. A roundtable format meeting that has been held for nearly 60 years, the seminar is scheduled for September 10-16, 2016 in Aspen, Colorado. The event employs a Socratic style discourse on what a good and just society actually means, and it offers professionals a chance to take a break from daily demands and revitalize their mind and body.

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